Computadoras móviles


Empower mobile workers inside and otside the four walls with integrated ulti-mode wireless WAN/LAN/PAN
Building on the success of the MC9000 family, the rugged, compact MC909X-S hand-held mobile computer from Symbol Technologies delivers the exceptional reliability mobile workers inside and outside your four walls need to provide real-time visibility into businesscritical
information. Designed to handle all-day every day use in nearly any environment, the MC909X-S enables route salespeople, field repair personnel, and workers in the warehouse or on the retail floor to access, as well as capture and send, crucial business information in real time. The latest advances in mobile technology, proven rugged construction, and support for multi-mode wireless connectivity ensure maximum accessibility to co-workers and business systems. Business processes are streamlined and errors are reduced, effectively increasing productivity — and profitability.

The power to run rich enterprise applications
From the latest operating system and processor designed to handle the specific demands of mobility, to robust persistent storage capabilities and multiple advanced data capture options, the MC909X-S
provides the power to run nearly any application, including voice and multimedia. Built-in bar code scanning and image capture in a compact rugged form factor is ideal for many functions — from pick-up and delivery, fleet maintenance, and inventory counts to direct store delivery, and more. Workers can count on ample battery life for a full shift through superior power management. And modular keypads, a
rugged touch panel and a display that is easy to read inside and outside provide users with maximum ease-of-use and comfort.

Rugged construction and centralized anagement deliver a low TCO
The MC909X-S is designed to withstand rigorous use in extreme environments and a wide variety of operating conditions. Adding Symbol’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP) enables you to quickly
and easily provision, track and support all your MC909X-S devices from a central location, delivering an unprecedented level of simplicity and low cost to management of mobile devices. And Symbol’s full suite of services offers everything from deployment assistance to comprehensive support plans that include repair of everyday wear and tear. The MC909X-S — delivering outstanding investment protection and a low total cost of ownership through superior design, construction, manageability and support services.

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